About Cristian Tiburcio

Tiburcio was known for being a great muralist which has exposed part of his art in the Square of the Plaza de la Cultura of Bonao and Monument May 30 on Highway 30 May. Each mural is different always shaping their stamp that identifies him as the great genius that is in the art of mosaic.

Painter / Sculptor / Ceramics / Muralist

In the past 14 years the artist Cristian Tiburcio was engaged on, with his family, the work of his dreams, a house museum, or rather a sculpture, a house where everything is art: windows, kitchen, stove, doors, table, chairs, lamps, blender, refrigerator, bathroom, bed, jacuzzi, ladder truck, finally, the least subject of a common home here becomes a work of art. Tiburcio House Museum.

Born in 1968. Graduated from the art school of Candido Bido in 1992. Since its inception expressed his dream of a “House Museum”, which became a reality in which he lives, creates and sells her work, sharing everything with family and friends. Cristian Tiburcio is a tireless worker with a dramatic result in his art, which despite the apparent chaos dominates with skill and sensitivity, materials and techniques, always in search of his artistic expression.

His murals are in private residences, public and private institutions and places such as facade gallery Candido Bido, Santo Domingo: Haitises Museum, Sabana de la Mar; Square of the square of the culture of Bonao: Momumento May 30 on Highway 30 May and San Francisco de Asis Mural by Candido Bido in Bonao. Cristian Tiburcio has to Bonao a historical responsibility, as a painter, ceramist and sculptor, standing witness to a constant for other contemporary artists of the people and the country’s creative process.